March 17, 2009

Happy St. Puketricks Day or St. Pooka-tricks Day!

Hello all, however few of you there may be!
Depending on your proclivities, please have a Happy St. Puketricks Day or St. Pooka-tricks Day!
Well, to be more straightforward and "normal" (ugh) I could just say "Happy St. Patrick's Day" to everyone.

Enjoy/celebrate; don't drink too "liberally" I beseech ...

PS: Look up pooka/pookah/pĂșca on the Internet etc. for fun ...

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Blogger NiteSkyGirl said...

love this !!!! my friend Keith Harkin and his group was invited 1st time last year to open the St Paddy's day parade and was so appauld and shocked at how they celebrate it over her. He was hilarious when he was telling me about the hats and well exactly what he called it was funny
.. " ninny - nonsense "

21/3/09 02:01  
Blogger Neil' said...

Thanks for commenting NiteSkyGirl! I went to the big St. Patrick's Day party at City Center here in Newport News, VA. Carbon Leaf (started in VA) played lots of good Irish tunes and even bagpipes. Luke of another band, Rainmarket even proposed on-stage - and his fiancee accepted. It was cute, see at Yuko thread.

Dona (Italian with some presumptive Irish) and I danced some jigs and I wore a yellow balloon hat I found. Much fun was had by all.

BTW, I'm always curious how people find this blog - would you tell me? A physics blog I presume, since I post to them often. I am very interested in astronomy as well as fundamental questions, so your blog looks interesting. (I still remember seeing Jupiter through UVA's 26" refractor at about 800x - what a magnificent sight.) Once Dona and I went as Venus and Mercury (the gods) to a Halloween party (see, I stole her from Mars.) It was great (she can "get away with" being Venus!)

21/3/09 10:56  
Blogger Neil' said...

PS: I'm so impressed you know Keith Harkin of Celtic Thunder. I like Celtic style music (so that includes Ireland + Scotland + some others, like Wales - ?) The best of it can pluck the depths of my sentimental heartstrings or have me transported by joy. Isn't that emotional versatility and power a wonderful thing?

One of my favorite bands was Big Country, and I liked how they made bag-pipe like sounds with guitars. "Big Country" was a great song, what a beat and great to dance to in old-fashioned style (lock arms and whirl around back and forth.) It's such a shame their lead singer Stuart Adamson killed himself (or semi-accident) in 2001.

21/3/09 11:03  

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