December 25, 2009

With Regards to Rudolph

My mother recently wrote this poem. She was expecting a "yes" vote on HCR but not positive of the outcome or time of vote. Well, it went through. It's IMHO debatable just how "good" it is, but indeed it is historic.

(BTW, belated Merry Christmas to all, interpreted in the manner of your choice.)

With Regards to Rudolph

by Joanne Bates

Barack, our first black President,
Figured he was Heaven sent.
Vowed not to follow the norm,
But to pull off Health Care Reform.

Obama, with your brain so bright,
Won't you lead us in this fight?

On a snowy winter's night
Flakes were falling fast and light.
Demos snagged the 60th vote,
Now Repubs can't rock the boat.
But will the abortion concession
Reconcile with House legislation?
A final vote on Christmas Eve
May decide what gifts we'll receive.

Obama is happy but wary,
Hoping to finish work in January.

We are weary of this drama
But one thing is sure, President Obama.
With Health Care Reform victory
You'll go down in history.


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