March 9, 2011

Ke$ha - We R Who We R


Blogger Steven Colyer said...

You like this one, do you? Is it better than Bohemian Rhapsody or whatever the one with a dancing Beyonce is called?

14/3/11 08:12  
Blogger Neil B said...

Yes, I do, and better than whatever! "Bohemian Rhapsody" was a Queen song, and I don't know Beyonce got involved. However, through the magic of Google search (the same one that shows me on top for "quantum measurement paradox", as I never tire of reminding readers) I found something with a similar combination of words in the title. It's good dancing:
Oddly enough, the Queen guitarist and songwriter Brian May became an astrophysicist.

BTW, I think Phil likes the one called "Bohmian Rhapsody."

PS Thanks Steven for being such a good fan.

14/3/11 21:55  
Blogger Neil B said...

You notice I guess, that quantum-dimensional flash and tear in the fabric of space-time which opens and closes the video? (With cool, sort of Outer Limits style wave vibrations in between?)

14/3/11 22:05  

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