August 4, 2010

This Time It's About You ...

Why not a post for people to comment about what they want to? No worry about being OT, since you make your own topics. Have at it.


Blogger Steven Colyer said...

Yeah, I have one, Neil. Why don't you write a paper about the experiment you propose?

You know what I mean: a pre-print.

No, arXiv won't print it, because Cornell has been totally taken over by string theorists, especially by Landscape Anthropist Jacques Distler. It's a shame, but that's the way it is.

I'm thinking of viXra. At least you'll have a paper written, and those who would like to sell your idea, which includes you, would have a page to point to.

I don't see how anyone at J-Labs or Rowan or anyone else could convince their department head or Manager to put up the (small) money to run it, otherwise.

Until you do THAT, I think you're hurting yourself.


29/8/10 13:22  
Blogger Neil Bates said...

Steven, thanks for dropping by and prodding me yet again, which I need. If ArXiV is as bad as you say, that is really sad. But aren't there all kinds of weird papers there? Maybe you mean, just the HEP sector is run that fascist way? Also, I thought it was the lower-level Cornell students who were mucking up the fairness more than some specific higher up. BTW, I once had a big argument including Distler, about quantum paradoxes!

Yes, ViXrA is a platform but I fear it being disdained. Yet I need to go ahead, see what happens. In any case the decoherence experiment is not the one I consider most conceptually important (this is), but the latter seems too hard to verify experimentally. Maybe it's an analog in quantum measurement, of HEP claims about happenings at 10^30 eV. But maybe clever techniques can render it accessible. In any case the decoherence experiment is eminently doable, as you say. I should write it up, somewhere.

30/8/10 11:43  

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