September 10, 2011


9/11 ... Sigh. I had a strange dream the night before It happened. I was looking at that kind of art kids make from cutting and pasting different colors of paper to a board. I saw a dark rectangle in front of me against a lighter background. Then something ripped a big tear across it, a bit above the middle. I felt bad enough the next day hearing what happened, but especially creepy to see that footage of one of the planes tipping sideways and leaving that big gash in the tower.

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Blogger Steven Colyer said...

It's not just you. many have reported premonitions. I don't think Physics can explain it. What do you think?

13/9/11 15:40  
Blogger Neil Bates said...

...many have reported premonitions. So true. I think it comes from a meaningful connection we have to the universe. Skeptics often make fun of glib connections asserted between psi phenom (inside joke there already) and e.g. EPR connections. I see their caution, but EPR does show that things can be correlated without "causal interactions." Note that premonitions don't violate laws of physics per se (conservation etc.) although if we could take advantage of simultaneity differences there is trouble from immediate transmission of specific "arbitrary" information: but some impression that is "in the cards" is beside that point.

BTW, I oddly just developed a sudden (really, like several seconds to manifest) cold before I started writing this, such things ever happen to you?

More important - I thought of a paradox about angular momentum, I will be putting up soon. Still waiting on Durham to make progress on my paper about the decoherence test, I'm starting to feel like Charlie Brown except I'm sure it's not intentional.

13/9/11 16:56  
Blogger Steven Colyer said...

Well, do you have a PUBLISHABLE paper yet, suitable for arXiv or viXra?

Have I had a premonition? I think so, but I seek scientific reasons. I'm well-read on a variety of topics, like you, and sometimes I think that the accumulated knowledge is sorted out in our brains while asleep, subconsciously. That's just a theory though.

14/9/11 05:38  
Blogger Neil Bates said...

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14/9/11 10:32  
Blogger Neil Bates said...

My article already accepted for the FQXi contest on digital versus analog (see below) is essentially publishable, as is the related and condensed version that Dr. Durham is inching along with. Candid admission: I am not fully conversant with the professional lingo and way of making the point, so it's a "college try."

I could just send something to viXra, but prefer arXiv - I just need a sponsor! If you can help ...

Premonitions: I don't think there was anything perceptible to stimulate such a dream that night. Nothing about big rectangles, not a reason for it to be the very night before, such subjects weren't much on my radar except I was wondering about Iraq back in the days when we were being told it was on the road to MWD. "Science" - it has a job to do that mostly involves isolation of specific cause and effect. IMHO it can hardly put together a big picture involving all the subtle interrelationships between things. Despite the hype and pretensions, we really don't know how brains work (I mean, a real model and not vague talk about signals running around in general.)

14/9/11 12:23  

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