May 23, 2013

My new FQXi essay is available

My new FQXi essay is online. Sorry for delay, I've had technical problems here for awhile. The FQXi contest (their fifth) was titled "It from Bit or Bit from It?" (per John Wheeler and related thinking such as MUH, modal realism etc.) My essay is titled "New Pathways to Quantum Spring: Can Information About States Be Made More Democratic?" (Yes, the political analogy is deliberate and pertinent, if perhaps too trendy.) Abstract and link below:

Quantum theory curiously implies that preparers of states can know the complete initial specification of the state, but uninformed observers (UOs) are limited in what they can discover. UOs must currently use projective tests that typically destroy the original information. There is thus more to "it" than democratically available as "bit." Previous attempts to empower UOs include weak measurements and using repeated interactions between detector and one particle. A novel theoretical perspective and thought experiment are introduced to distinguish between supposedly equivalent mixtures of states. The original-spin hypothesis postulates that actual spin transfers from photon interactions remain based on the original expectation value, instead of the final apparent detection. The proposal itself uses mechanical spin transfer by statistical "runs" of same-type detections, as analyzed by the OSH, to expand what UOs can find out. It would not be practical, but stimulates theoretical insight. A supportive asymmetry claim about detection [measurement] is currently testable.


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